About Greg

About Greg

As the world is beginning to wake up to the spiritual nature of disease and the interconnectedness of all life on earth, Greg’s lifetime experience of education, exploration and healing is ready to be of greater service to the world. 

Working with healing and studying the soul/body connection since he was a teenager - beginning with himself he used self-help books and seminars, meditation and plant medicines to heal the wounds of his own childhood. Spiritual paths helped him alchemise burden into blessing - as he used healing methodologies to overcome drug addiction and homelessness – the symptoms of abandonment, pain, and self-sabotage.

Through good karma and the law of attraction he met with many great people who aided an immense healing journey - who recognised his path through pain to empowerment as a wounded healer. 

As with the classic path of the wounded healer - Greg shared his insights with other troubled friends, and eventually found fulfillment in devoting his life to helping others overcome their own wounds. 

Every time he encountered new obstacles, he found new tools to overcome them. These tools have accumulated over the years to cover all aspects of health and dis-ease - physical, emotional, social, energetic and spiritual. In the formative years of his journey these included nutrition, yoga teaching, personal fitness, qigong, Shadow Work, NLP, and humanistic counselling.

Greg first began his journey with shamanism in his late teens, arriving at South American shamanism in 2000 when he was 22. Since then he has travelled to South America - learning there and in the UK from several different teachers in a host of practices, including the Kambô from Giovanni Lattanzi in 2013. Kambô and other shamanic practices are now at the core of his healing services.

In 2011 Greg studied Rebirthing breathwork with Fanny Van Laere over the course of a year.

He discovered and began to work more closely with the shadow in 2011, and then more directly since 2015. Many of the philosophies and practices that underpin his work and life are inspired by Carl Jung’s teachings about the shadow.

Between 2014 and 2016 he studied energy healing in the style of Barbera Ann Brennan.

Since 2014 Greg has drawn upon the intricate energetic wisdom of Chinese medicine to enhance his existing energy practices. This forms a significant part of his work with the Kambô secretion and energy healing work.

In 2016 his infatuation with Darkness began - and after several retreats, he began working with it as a vessel for other breath and energetic work.

Greg now works full time as a healer - and as his understanding of the roots, causes and resolutions of energetic illnesses develops, he continues to train and develop his services to offer a unique, deeply supported approach to the healing of disease.