About the Shadow of the Shaman Course


Shadow of the Shaman Space Holding Academy

The next Shadow of the Shaman Space Holding Course will begin in November 2023.

By walking this path ourselves, may we show others the way

Shamanism means different things to different people. In this context it is meant to mean the path of the healer who uses techniques of spiritual ecstasy to access non-ordinary realms to bring healing to themselves and their community.

The Shadow of the Shaman Space holding course combines several modern and archaic languages and methods of healing on a personal journey in a therapeutic community to enable participants to be able to offer healing in a comprehensive, holistic and confident way.

In year one, we build the foundations of the practice. The shadow work allows us to know ourselves deeply, peeling back the layers of ourselves into radical honesty such that we can protect ourselves and others from unacknowledged and unloved parts of ourselves and others.

The study of sacred ceremony allows us to be able to create our own individualised ceremonies which harness our own spiritual allies and relationships to enhance and deepen the intention we bring for our own healing or that of others. The healing techniques offered alongside them allow us to help ourselves and others get out of the way of our own natural healing processes, since all healing is really self-healing.

In year two, we build upon the foundations of knowledge and trust built in year one to go deeper and deeper into our own healing journeys. Fundamental to the self-healing process is safety. This mutual trust which has been built through courageously facing our shadows and sharing ourselves in the safety of a transparent and confidential community creates the right environment to go to those places which it is most difficult to go to, and in turn to learn to be able to hold others through that too. The healing skills taught towards the end of the course are much more powerful, and as such require a solid foundation and supporting skills. We build upon the skills of ceremony creation to be able to create the most conducive environment for others to reach their deepest wounds and learn the skills to hold others through them, and support the integration into long-term healing.

We end the course with a recapitulation initiation, taking all we have learned about our own life story, reliving it and reframing and rewriting it using alchemical tools of breath and darkness.

The course is woven carefully together, meeting once every three months for one week - each week significantly deepening in practice and connection. The course is a huge commitment and will inevitably change your life. The question is, do you really want that?

Healing Techniques

Shamanism is not just a set of techniques - it is a path and a way of being - one which is in service to community. The techniques, combined with an understanding of the process of dis-ease and the process of healing, form a formidable and versatile toolbox which can assist with the self-healing of any illness.

In the course you will get the opportunity to develop the three aspects of self (child, adult, parent) through the medium of healing swaps. We learn how to surrender and become open like a child whilst receiving, we learn to shelve our own processes and hold a strong anchor and container for the healing to happen in our adult self, and offer ourselves selflessly in service to the other as parents offering the healing. In each module you will learn one or two techniques, and learn to use them alongside each other to compliment the processes.

Shadow Work

Shadows are the parts of us which we find it difficult to love - the parts that we repress, hide and deny, and yet still they find their way into our lives - always seeking that love and acceptance. The work we do on the course offers tools to stalk and find the parts of us which are hidden so we can love and accept them, such that they can no longer perpetuate unwanted patterns, manifestations, behaviours and loops without us being able to realise them and decide for ourselves. The journey with the shadow goes through finding them, to understanding where they come from and the effect they have on our lives, and offers tools to integrate them back into ourselves so we can once again become the divine whole and complete beings we can be. This also offers the greatest protection from energetic attachments coming into us, or projections and other heavy energies coming out of us.

Creating and holding Sacred Ceremony

Throughout the course we will study, develop and understand the architecture and engineering of safe and sacred ceremonial space. The better we get at this, the deeper our participants inevitably go into their stuff. Each module there will be a participant-led ceremony. These skills develop alongside the space-holding skills to be able to support from inception of the first communication, right through to the integration of the journey, and all aspects in between. You will develop the skills to create a ceremony which is a complete and authentic expression of who you are in service to others - using your words, meaning, intention, allies, symbolism, prayer and altar will always create a deeper and safer space than using those of others.

Module 1 - Foundations

  • The fundamentals of energy and higher sense perceptions
  • Infusion and Extraction energy healing practices
  • The fundamentals of Shamanism
  • An introduction to the architecture and engineering of sacred ceremony
  • The fundamentals of interaction and becoming a healer
  • Qi Gong energy building practices (continue and develop in each module)
  • Rattles and Smudging
  • Shadow and community - the alchemy of truth

Module 2 - Sound

  • Sound healing through voice
  • Sympathetic resonance throughout healing - match and move
  • Sound tools and the use of sound in sacred ceremony
  • The alchemy of emotion for yourself and others
  • Icaros and Spirit Songs - channelling healing sounds
  • Chakarpa and other shamanic sound tools
  • Modern sound tools
  • Sexual shadows

Module 3 - Trauma and Diagnostics

  • The language of energy
  • Diagnosing Illness using Chinese observational tools
  • The language of breath
  • 5 elements energy healing
  • Identifying and working with trauma
  • Pendulum diagnosis
  • Working with the elements
  • Masks

Module 4 - Intentionality, Soul Purpose and manifestation

  • Intention alignment healing
  • Finding and aligning with your Soul Purpose
  • Understanding the role of Soul Purpose in health
  • Golden Shadow
  • Beliefs, patterns and stalking the origin of behaviour and personality
  • Opening and Closing ceremony space
  • Prayers, the altar and protection
  • Preparation and Integration
  • Drums, journeying and spirit allies

Module 5 - The Aura and Environment

  • Auric Surgery Healing
  • The archetypes
  • Plants and their shamanic applications
  • Space clearing and heavy energy
  • Spiritual planes of energy
  • Connecting to your Allies

Module 6 - Relationships

  • Relationship cord healing
  • Holding space for deep emotional process work
  • Conscious relating
  • Conscious communication in personal and professional life
  • Taking full responsibility
  • Working with shame
  • The Astral plane - bridging the worlds
  • Beginning the recapitulation process

Module 7 - Landmark Events

  • Soul Retrieval Healing
  • Trauma and the body
  • Regression
  • Medical and psychological red flags
  • Working with advanced trauma
  • Natural medicine and it’s role in energy work
  • Working with strong resistance and confrontation
  • Recapitulation

Module 8 - Energetic attachments, Demons and Angels

  • Heart-centred depossession healing
  • Debunking popular myths about possession
  • Releasing energetic attachments
  • The alchemy of daemons into angels
  • The whole and complete psyche and energetic system
  • Ancestral shadow and ancestral healing
  • Curse unravelling healing
  • Psychopomp practices

Module 9 - Recapitulation

Recapitulation is a toltec tradition which involves a comprehensive integration of all the events of your life which have had significant formative effects on yourself. We spend 9 months preparing for the process, which is done over a week. It is a deeply empowering process which acts as an initiation into a new beginning.

The exchange:

The exchange for each module is £888 which includes all tuition, accommodation and food. It does not include flights or travel. 

An initial deposit of £333 books your place. Each module is charged separately with the first payment (of £333) 6 weeks in advance and the balance (£555) due one week before.

Alternate payment plans might be available. Let me know if you’d like to set something different up to suit you.


Due to the nature of the intensity of this work, it is not suitable for everyone. For this reason we will need to speak to each participant individually beforehand to check that you know what to expect and to make sure it is the right course for you.  

It helps a lot if we have worked with you in some way before, or if you know someone well who has worked with me before.

We are happy to speak by phone about the details of this course. If you would like to express interest, or apply please follow the link at the bottom of the page to fill out some basic information and I will get in touch to arrange a time to speak:

We will be running foundation modules to allow people to get a taste for what the course may be like in advance. Please get in touch if you think you may be interested


This course builds skills in a progressive way. Each part relies on the skills learnt in the previous module. For this reason a certain level of attendance is required to complete the course. The following boundaries are in place:

  • In order to continue to modules 5-8, you must have completed at least 3 of the first four modules
  • In order to continue to the 9th module, you must have completed at least 3 of the second four modules (5-8)

Venue and Accommodation

The course will take place in a beautiful location near Cardiff in Wales. There will be a variety of accommodations available on-site. More details will be given on initiation of the booking process