About the Shadow of the Shaman Course


The next Shadow of the Shaman Space Holding Course will begin in March 2022.

This course will be a nine week, nine module journey over two years to teach you to be able to create and hold space for groups in a safe way. The path may not be an easy one - it is in walking this path ourselves that we become able to show others the way. It will take courage, commitment, self-honesty, personal responsibility, compassion and openness. When we become a channel for energetic and spiritual healing, our own channels get cleared in the process. It is inevitable that this course will bring about personal healing in the process of learning to heal others.

You will be learning a collection of skills which include Energy Healing, Shamanic Healing, Chinese medicinal diagnostics, Coaching and Space Holding skills to create a formidable healing toolbox.

The course consists of nine modules. Each module contains several elements woven into each other and progressing throughout the two years. The main elements are:

  • Shamanic and Energy Healing techniques
  • Shadow - A journey in the Shadow - stalking the shadow and integrating it
  • Space Holding - creating and running a safe shamanic ceremony

Shamanic and Energy Healing syllabus


1: Infusion and Extraction energy work - Foundational techniques for energetic contact and channelling energy and removing unwanted energies.

2: Sound Healing - Using your own voice and sound healing tools to assist the healing process. 

3: Chinese energy medicine and healing with the 5 elements - Dowsing, diagnostics and channelling the elements to assist with the healing process. Moving stagnation, and bringing the systems into balance.

4: Intention alignment - re-aligning ourselves and others with the divine plan on the haric field. 

5: Auric Surgery - Completing the exploration of the seven layers of the auric field to include the blueprint levels

6: Relationship chords - healing our relationship connections to other people, other beings and events

7: Soul retrieval and regression - Using regression and/or the Spirits to bring the soul back into integrity and wholeness. 

8: Compassionate depossession and curse unravelling - understanding non-voluntary spirit attachments, and helping suffering beings back to the light. Clearing ancestral patterns, de-activating ancestral and current contracts to bring back sovereignty and empowerment

9: Shamanic initiation - an intense shamanic recapitulation of our lives. In this module we relive our old story and re-write our new one. This ancient technique is a week-long ceremony of initiation into our new lives.

Each module will build upon the skills of the previous. In this part you will learn more about:

  • The 7+ layers of the auric system
  • The haric/ intentional system and the power of intention
  • Dowsing energies
  • Diagnostic techniques - body language and Chinese medicinal diagnostics including meridians
  • Breath - using the breath for healing yourself and your client
  • Self healing, healing others and distance healing
  • Using sound tools, and traditional shamanic tools such as the rattle and shakarpa for healing
  • The Chakra system - and its uses in energy healing
  • Shamanic healing through journey and Spirit Allies
  • Qigong healing form and other personal energetic opening exercises

Space Holding Syllabus

This course is designed to be able to empower you to create and hold shamanic ceremonial spaces for yourself and others. We will be looking at various aspects of space holding throughout the course and give everyone the chance to create their own sacred space to practice. Each module will include an optional reading list to study a particular ceremony. For those who take on holding the ceremony, this reading list will be compulsory and I’ll be asking everyone to do this once throughout the course. Some of these might include:

  • Plant medicine ceremonies such as: Rape, Sananga, Guayusa, Cacao, Tea
  • Dance/Movement ceremonies such as: Shaking meditation, Om free expression ceremony, Dance/movement
  • Shamanic ceremonies such as: despacho/ pago/ offerendo ceremonies, breath work, Sweat Lodge, Drum journey, Guided meditation


We will also be studying the structure and elements of holding space, including:

  • Opening and Closing a circle: The directions, prayer, protecting the space, intention, Inviting the spirits 
  • Finding your spirit song: icaros and other spirit songs
  • Supporting processes: empowerment vs catalyzation 
  • Environment: Sound, Smell and Scent
  • Shamanic tools: Feathers, shakarpa, rattles
  • Creating sacred space: The altar, clearing energy
  • Preparing for circle: Diet and food
  • Holding Space: Anchoring, grounding, clearing energy
  • Working with energy: Sound, breath, movement
  • Screening and client relations/ safeguarding/ compassion/ professional dynamics
  • Aftercare
  • Red flags
  • Emergencies and unusual situations
  • Setting up as a healer in the real world - the practical implications

Shadow Syllabus

This part of the course sits in the background and allows a set of conditions in which we can observe our unconscious patterns in a detached way and work on them.

This part of the course is aimed at transforming our wounds from a potential hindrance (or danger!) to our work and our client relationships. 

Our shadow is that part of us which we hide, repress or deny and which consciously/unconsciously drives our choices and behaviours. We will be working with our shadows for several reasons – it increases compassion, creates connection and helps us to work without judgement with our clients’ vulnerabilities without getting triggered. It helps to bring cohesion and connection to the group and prevents ego and projection/transference from detracting from the healing process. This can be very challenging work but also potentially the most transformative work we can do. It works beautifully alongside the healing work.

We will be looking at different aspects of the shadow and skills surrounding it including:

  • Stalking the shadow - mirrors to see into our blind spots
  • Core lies and beliefs - the mechanics of our personal reality tunnel
  • Feeling and expressing emotion - awakening and/or exercising the emotional body
  • Soul Path alignment - filling the cup to overflowing - the path of the Sovereign
  • Working with the archetypes
  • Returning to psychological completeness
  • Shadow constellations
  • Identifying and transforming limiting beliefs and patterns
  • Creating long-lasting changes through shadow integration
  • Shadow work in the healing process
  • Non-Violent Communication
  • Ancestral shadow
  • Sexual Shadow

Module 9 - the initiation

Module 9 will take place over a week, and differs in quality to the other modules. This week-long ritual allows us to fully integrate all that we have discovered through the course, creating a clear punctuation between the old life based upon the story of the events of our lives, and the new incarnation we have chosen to inhabit.

Dates for the first four modules are:

Module 1: March 7-13 (arriving on the evening of the 6th)

Module 2: June 6-12 (arriving on the evening of the 5th)

Module 3: Sept 5-11 (arriving on the evening of the 4th)

Module 4: November 21-27 (arriving on the evening of the 20th)

The exchange:

The exchange for each module is £888 which includes all tuition, accommodation and food. It does not include flights or travel. 

An initial deposit of £333 books your place. Each module is charged separately with the first payment (of £333) 6 weeks in advance and the balance (£555) due one week before.

Alternate payment plans might be available. Let me know if you’d like to set something different up to suit you.


Due to the nature of the intensity of this work, it is not suitable for everyone. For this reason we will need to speak to each participant individually beforehand to check that you know what to expect and to make sure it is the right course for you.  

It helps a lot if we have worked with you in some way before, or if you know someone well who has worked with me before.

We are happy to speak by phone about the details of this course. If you would like to express interest, or apply please follow the link at the bottom of the page to fill out some basic information and I will get in touch to arrange a time to speak:

We will be running foundation modules to allow people to get a taste for what the course may be like in advance. Please get in touch if you think you may be interested


This course builds skills in a progressive way. Each part relies on the skills learnt in the previous module. For this reason a certain level of attendance is required to complete the course. The following boundaries are in place:

  • In order to continue to modules 5-8, you must have completed at least 3 of the first four modules
  • In order to continue to the 9th module, you must have completed at least 3 of the second four modules (5-8)

Venue and Accommodation

The course will take place in a beautiful location near Carmarthen in Wales. There will be a variety of accommodations available on-site. More details will be given on initiation of the booking process