About Greg

Greg is a natural intuitive healer - weaving myriad forms of learned and channelled healing techniques into sacred ceremony. His service is grounded in deep respect for the cultures who share these medicines with us, and with gratitude for the trust of the individuals who come to Sacred Tree seeking lasting, meaningful transformation.

How we work

At Sacred Tree we work holistically - and individually. We connect sensitively and thoroughly with each person as an individual, assessing challenges and strengths to co-create and implement a healing strategy. 

We can help with any issue related to energetic blockage, imbalance, or misalignment. In our experience this covers everything that could be manifesting as physical or emotional problems in a person’s life. 

You can access this bespoke holistic healing through any Sacred Tree sessions or retreats.


Once the energetic blockage, imbalance, or misalignment has been assessed - we use a combination of appropriate tools to expose, shift and rebalance the energetics. The tools we work with are Kambô, Darkness, plant medicines and herbalism, shamanic healing, energy healing, sound healing, Chinese medicine and energetics, nutrition, breathwork, and shadow work.


We sell the products we use, and we only use the best we can find.

Everything here is responsibly sourced, high quality, and the individuals who made them are rewarded fairly.

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