Tool Box

Healing Journey and the Tool Box

The tools we use have different purposes within the healing journey. The healing journey looks like this: 

Connecting to intentionality

 Identifying the blockage

 Uncovering the blockage

Investigating the nature and roots of the blockage

Healing the blockage

Clearing residual energy

Re-establishing healthy energetic foundations

Integrating the transformations

Maintaining the integration


To create the right environment for the work, I use a shamanic medium in ceremonial context . The main shamanic ceremonies I work with are Kambô and Darkness 

To discover, uncover and investigate the root cause of the blockage I tend to use Chinese medicinal and energetic diagnostic tools, sound healing, breathwork, shadow work and plant medicines 

To bring healing to the blockages I use shamanic healing, energy healing, sound healing, natural medicines, breath and Chinese medicinal tools

To clear the residual energy and re-establish healthy energetic foundations we tend to use shamanic healing, energy healing, plant medicines and sound

For integration and maintenance I use nutrition, intentionality, meditation and ongoing aftercare by phone or other communications

Kambô is a shamanic medicine taken from a giant tree frog in the Amazon and applied to the lymphatic system by taking off the outer layer of the skin. It causes purging during the healing process. This is one of the main mediums used by Sacred Tree and a lot more information about it can be found here.

Darkness is a very powerful shamanic medium which can create an altered state of reality and a plethora of physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual effects. It creates the bedrock of discovering and uncovering energetic blockages and is enhanced throughout the retreat using other tools to catalyse the rest of the healing journey. Since it is the other main medium I use, there is much more information about it here.

Plant medicines and herbalism are used throughout my work. In my shamanic work many plant teacher allies come to assist the work. In Kambô sessions we use incenses, oils, smudges and other herbs for nutrition and medicinally. In the Darkness we use teas to help us dream and to connect with the voices of wisdom.

Shamanic Healing uses natural energies and spirits for guidance and protection and to help with all the stages of the healing journey and movement of energies. We have drawn upon the wisdom of traditions from around Mother Earth to help connect with these natural, benevolent and high-vibrational allies.

Energy Healing uses the infinite unlimited cosmic energies to catalyse healing and direct the energy systems of the individual back to equilibrium. This body of skills are inspired by the teachings of Barbara Brennan and other energy masters and may involve dowsing, hands-on healing, voice, vibration and resonance.

Sound Healing uses predominantly voice and vibration to help to move energy through assonant magnetism or dissonant repulsion. Other sound healing tools may be used such as gongs, bowls, drums, rattles, Chakapa and other shamanic instruments.

Chinese Medicine is used to understand the nature of any imbalances, and to bring about balance using tools applied to meridian points around the body which influence the distorted patterns. Some of these tools may include magnets, elemental energy healing, moxibustion, massage, nutrition and bodywork etc.

Nutrition is a fundamental element of wellbeing. It can be our greatest source of toxicity and nourishment. Nutrition can play a part in both preparation and integration of the work, as well as can be part of the energetic problem itself.

Breathwork involves creating a breathing pattern of a specific quality and quantity which helps to release stuck, trapped or blocked energies, often emotional. We work with a specific type of breathwork called Rebirthing which is a multi-millennia year old Kriya yoga technique rediscovered by Leonard Orr and offered in the way he taught it, where the emphasis is much more on the quality of the breath than the quantity. This can be an incredibly powerful and cathartic tool when used correctly.

Shadow Work is a system of healing based upon Carl Jung’s theories about the shadow – those aspects of ourselves which are hidden, repressed or denied. The system we use is not the trademarked ‘Shadow Work’ of Cliff Barry, although his work has inspired this. We use these principles to allow a cognitive companion to the other energetic work, and to be able to explore the subconscious roots of our choices and behaviours and to disempower our past’s influence on our lives.