Kambô medicine is secretion taken from a giant docile Amazonian tree frog. The secretion is applied to the body by placing it on small holes burnt into the skin, which expose the lymphatic system.

Many tribes of the Amazon jungle use Kambô to un-stick blocked energy they call panema. The medicina can be used to help a person help themselves with any wellness challenge involving energetic blockages - which covers almost everything related to the physical, emotional, social, psychological and spiritual.

Sacred Tree Kambô Ceremonies

Sacred Tree Kambô ceremonies are run with reverence for this sacred tradition, with the utmost attention to detail, and with impeccable safety.

A normal single session lasts about 5 hours. We start by spending time getting to know you to individualise the location and amount of Kambô given to you. During the ceremony we help to open you up to Kambô at the beginning, and to help to soothe and strengthen you at the end, ending with a hearty soup together to give a little time for integration, and to help the body come back into balance before you leave.

Individual Sessions

Individual sessions can be offered almost anywhere in the country, providing we can find a suitable venue and time. Follow the link below to find out more about what would need to be in place for this to be possible.

Group Sessions

We hold group sessions all over the south of England and the Midlands. These vary in location, day and time from month to month. You can find the current list of upcoming events below. If you are new to our circles - whether you have done Kambô before or not - you will need to fill in a health questionnaire before we can take a deposit from you to book your place. Places are limited to 10 people per session (larger groups are attended by several space holders).

Group Sessions are £85 per person

Triple Kambô

This is a course of three Kambô sessions over three days. This approach significantly deepens the effectiveness of the Kambô session. The resonance of Kambô accumulates in the energetic system, allowing deeper shifts to occur. You can do ‘the triple’ by coming each consecutive day to locations where I am doing Kambô.

We give a discount to those who pay upfront for the three sessions - a total of £225 makes each session £75.

Warrior Intensive Kambô

This is three Kambô sessions consecutively in one session – the most intense of the Kambô offerings from Sacred Tree. This is not recommended as a first-time experience. At the moment these sessions only happen at Aho! Studios in Hackney, London.

Warrior Triple Kambô is £170 per person

Sacred Tree Kambô Practitioner Training

We offer training for people aspiring to work as a practitioner with Kambô. What makes our training different to other practitioners is that we teach an individualised and holistic approach. This training has two modules separated by 6 months of time, during which there is the opportunity to shadow experienced practitioners.

No surprises

It is important that there are no surprises for you, so if you don’t already know about Kambô or what to expect, or if you want to know more please follow the links above - there should be enough information for you to make an informed decision. We are available to answer questions by email, or by phone if preferred. Please go to the 'Contact' page to find our details.


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