About the Kambô Practitioner Training

Sacred Tree Kambo Practitioner Training

Sacred Tree Kambô practitioner training consists of two full weeks training in person. These two weeks are separated by around a 6 month period during which we work in ceremony settings to coach people on the basics, before moving on to more advanced theory and practice.


Sacred Tree Kambô practitioner training was created after we were asked to teach our ways by several people. The service we offer at Sacred Tree has its own particular character which many have shown a preference for over the years, with some travelling long distances to participate in these ceremonies. The practitioner training came about first from clients with a calling to work with Kambô asking to be taught.

It is our belief that learning through direct experience by apprenticing alongside an experienced practitioner is an important element of learning this healing art. It is also an observation that some practitioners using Chinese medicine prescribe particular meridian points for particular Western diagnoses. It is our experience that Western medical diagnoses are insufficient alone to choose meridian points. Chinese medicine identifies patterns by listening, observing, interrogating and touching. Single Western medical diagnoses can have several different pattern diagnoses in Chinese medicine, and hence several different approaches to healing. Sacred Tree practitioners are taught how to individualise their treatments according to a plethora of diagnostic tools, and how to incorporate a holistic approach to healing to support Kambô to do its work. In our experience a holistic and individual approach can significantly enhance the outcome.

Kambô is an ancient medicine, and is gaining popularity as the reports of life-changing health transformations spread to Westerners who are hungry for ways to help themselves. Kambô is being used all over the world by thousands of people safely, despite the vast array of sensitivities and physical circumstances of the people receiving it. Fortunately, even when used by inexperienced practitioners and individuals this medicine rarely leads to death. Inexperienced application of Kambô can lead to unintended consequences ranging from reduced efficacy to serious discomfort and/or potentially dangerous circumstances.

Kambô is a strong medicine and people’s reactions can be varied and intense. It takes a certain type of person to be able to hold space for this. There are lots of skills involved and walking on this path means getting to know health in general in a deep way. This is why we think it’s important to spread this training out, to have continued guidance and community through which to share information and grow together. The practice is young in the West - in terms of knowing how it applies to us and our differing needs and circumstances.

Kambô is a powerful healing tool. A tool can do damage or repair depending on how it is used. As an energy medicine, the practitioner needs to be sensitive to individual needs, able to assess a client properly to ensure safety and create the ideal environment for the medicine to be received in a healing way. The deeper the level of safety the client receives, the more likely they will be able to release/transform the ‘panema’ – the jungle term for stuck, trapped and blocked energy.

Kambô is a sacred medicine. We also believe that the knowledge built up over centuries by the tribes who have developed the relationship with the frog and the techniques for applying the secretion are based upon countless observations - and that to ignore this wisdom would be foolish. We at Sacred Tree believe that adapting the ceremony culturally to make sense within the context of our Western lifestyles can increase safety and efficacy, especially concerning the distinct differences between our social and physical toxicology, our cultural sensitivities such as music and scent, and our social and ceremonial traditions such as intentionality and sharing. We teach a way to embody the medicinal principles and to personalise the experience.

Why train with us?

Greg Manning, the lead trainer, has been working with Kambô since 2013 and sees up to 100 people a month. He is an experienced teacher of healing, supporting and training in several modalities and bringing the deep holistic knowledge needed for this path. The support we are able to give is face-to-face in the real world. Separating the two modules allows time for the basic techniques to be mastered, with awareness guidance in the interim such that when the second module is undertaken it can be embodied in a completely different way. Supervised training enhances the speed of learning and reduces the impact of early-practice challenges. Much of the real learning happens ‘in the field’. Our training includes skills which lie outside many of the normal techniques applied by other Kambô practitioners.

Over the 6 months you will be able to learn all the personal skills you need to be a practitioner, and all the practical skills to be able to apply Kambô in a safe and effective manner. We will teach you how to create and hold a safe and sacred ceremonial space, and give you a broad range of healing skills to help the client during the session.

Included in the price is:

  • 2 separate modules (described in detail below)
  • All food and board, supplements etc during the residential weeks. No hidden costs. (flights not included)
  • Up to 10 supported and supervised Kambô sessions with 1-2-1 support in the UK
  • 3 Kambô sessions during module 1. A ‘warrior triple intensive’ session in module 2
  • Ongoing support through an online community and access to advise from the teachers
  • Help to become independent and self-sufficient as a practitioner
  • Opportunity to advertise your services through the Sacred Tree Website
  • Access to ethically sourced Kambô sticks and other shamanic tools in a ‘practitioner only’ part of the online shop

We don’t offer certification for this course. Certification itself has issues and can inhibit the practitioner from taking responsibility in each moment for themselves and their practice. Certification can also present a false sense of security for the clients who come. Much better than a certificate is a good reputation and testimonials. We can help you maintain an impeccable work ethic and practice. We support you with your ongoing practice by allowing you to advertise through the website and so you can refer to and prove this association and completion of the course in this way if you choose to, and you will always be welcome to come and assist in other Sacred Tree groups as a refresher.

Requirements for application

In order to become a practitioner you need to have had some experience with receiving Kambô (minimum 5 sessions), although it is perfect for both those with little or no experience in healing or applying Kambô, and those with lots of experience in either. It is for those with a calling to be in service to healing, and to the unfolding of health and happiness.

It’s important that the course you are embarking on is completed before you serve Kambô unsupervised - and it’s assumed that by applying for this course you are committing to do this.

Course Dates for 2024

  • Module 1 4th-10th March 2024 – This will cover the basics to get going - everything you need to know to be able to offer Kambo 1-2-1 to simple cases
  • Module 2 14th-20th October 2024 - Additional tools, space holding and advanced healing techniques which would allow you to give an enhanced session for those with additional needs, or groups of participants

Apprenticeship period

  • 10th March, 202320th October 2023

The sessions will be held in London, Bristol and the Midlands.

During the apprenticeship period you are encouraged to participate in as many Sacred Tree group ceremonies as you can. During this time you will be able to develop under supervision:

  • Assessing the client
  • Client interactions
  • Creating safety
  • Setting and holding the ceremonial space
  • Finding, marking and burning the points
  • Observation of the client and reading body language and energetics
  • Aftercare


Module 1 

This will cover all the basic aspects of Kambo application and give you everything you need to be able to begin offering Kambo. This will include:

  • The history and context of Kambô
  • Kambô science – peptides and physiology
  • Kambô energetics – panema and jungle medicine
  • Kambô interactions – contraindicated medicines
  • Kambô interactions – contraindicated conditions
  • Finding a creating a suitable space for a Kambo ceremony, and client communication
  • Intensive administration (both the traditional application and the gradual application using the female energy of Kambô)
  • Basic Chinese diagnosis and vocabulary (the four methods) and application on Meridian and Reflexology points, energetic anatomy- How much to use and where to put it
  • Basic observation skills
  • Metaphysical intentions and the chakra system
  • Safety rules and guidelines: precautions, safeguarding and contraindications
  • Pharmaceutical medications: risks of hyponatremia, heart failure etc.
  • Female health considerations (menstruation, breastfeeding, pregnancy, headache and cycle migraine)
  • Diet and Kambo 
  • Case Studies: Screening and identifying the locations of the points
  • Self-application: how to connect with the Spirit of Kambô
  • Sitting meditation and stillness as a preparation for the Kambô session. Sananga meditation, and the use of rapé. Opening up the energy field in preparation for the session
  • Legalities (disclaimers, interviews, precautions etc.)
  • Aftercare for a Kambô session
  • Medicinal mushrooms: how to make it and use it in order to treat stress and low immune system issues. Supporting the Kambô healing with adaptogens. 
  • Group sharing of personal difficulties and inner growth insights facilitated by Kambô

Module 2 

  • How to create, open, hold and close a safe and sacred space
  • Safeguarding and professionalism in client communications
  • Intentionality - physical vs metaphysical intention. 
  • Additional diagnostic and observational techniques extending Chinese medicinal techniques
  • Dowsing
  • Tongue diagnosis
  • Pulse diagnosis
  • Helping energy move – interactions with participants during the session and additional skills for supporting Kambô
  • Excess and deficiency
  • Energy healing
  • Pre and aftercare
  • Shamanism and Kambô
  • Shamanic tools and their use
  • Additional healing plants and their applications
  • Rattles
  • Feathers
  • Songs
  • Sound in the space
  • Breath 
  • Herbalism and Kambô
  • Working with multiple participants - group ceremonies
  • Dealing with unusual clients and unusual situations.
  • Unusual reactions and first aid for Kambô
  • Getting going with marketing - offering without persuading or encouraging. The business side of Kambo in the UK
  • Protecting yourself
  • Creating community
  • There will be also the opportunity to work more intensely with Kambo during this training - with 3 sessions consecutively (the triple)

The exchange

The total price for the course is £1800 which includes all tuition, accommodation and food. It does not include travel. 

An initial deposit of £300 books your place (this is £150 for each module in advance - the deposit for the second module is non-refundable). The balance is payable 2 weeks before each module starts (£750 each time).

Alternate payment plans might be available. Please make a request via the contact form and we will get in touch to discuss options with you. 


Due to the nature of the intensity of this work, it is not suitable for everyone. For this reason we will need to speak to each participant individually beforehand to check that you know what to expect, and to make sure it is the right course for you. 

It helps a lot if Greg has worked with you in some way before, or if you know someone well who has worked with us before.

We are happy to speak by phone about the details of this course. If you would like to express interest, or apply please follow this link to fill out some basic information and Greg will get in touch to arrange a time to speak.


This course builds skills in a progressive way. Some parts of the second module will be necessary to give you the skills you need to be a successful practitioner, and the course is not complete until both modules are complete.

A platform for advertising through the website, and access to buy the Kambô sticks and specialist equipment will only be available on completion of the course.

Our venue

We will be doing this training in a beautiful centre called Werganrose near Swnasea, Wales. Accommodation is provided

Arrival and Departure

We ask that participants arrive at the retreat centre on Monday March 4th by 12:30pm when we will have lunch together

The course will conclude with lunch on Sunday March 10th by 2:00pm

Everything between these times are included in the course price, including food, medicines and accommodation

Both modules will be held in the same venue


Car - The postcode for the venue is SA2 7JS. More details about travel will be sent to you when we receive a deposit from you

Lift share - Wherever possible we will organise a lift sharing, to minimise the use of transport. This will be done nearer to the time - around two weeks before.

Public transport - Please let us know if you wish to come by public transport so we can arrange to have you picked up from the nearest train/bus station (Swansea)