Darkness has been used by spiritual seekers around the globe across all walks of life for millennia to delve deeply into the soul and connect with the essence within.

Darkness creates changes in the chemistry of the mind, body and soul which deepen as the immersion progresses. As we journey through the layers of our shadows, our true nature reveals itself.

In this heightened state of awareness, the capacity for transformation is heightened alongside divine inspiration and connection to our higher self.

The Rebirth

The Rebirth is a deep journey into the womb of Darkness using rebirthing breathwork. The deeper into the 130 hours of Darkness we go, the deeper into ourselves we venture, stripping off layers of energetic baggage each time we venture into the breath.

This retreat offers an intensive way to absorb the breath technique so that it's possible to experience water rebirthing - an advanced technique designed to mimic the womb so that we can release ourselves from the psychological and emotional wounding caused by our birth. For some, this is the deepest trauma of all.

Deep Darkness

Deep Darkness retreats are held in pure deep Darkness. These retreats will provide the opportunity to experience a long period of uninterrupted Darkness for 8.5 days over two weekends. With options for morning Qi Gong movement and meals, or to go it alone, this retreat allows you to choose the intensity of your isolation. The less activity you engage in, the more intense the experience becomes.

In a group of up to 10 people, this retreat is long enough for the natural progression of the brain chemistry which occurs in unbroken darkness to enter well into its DMT phases - creating a change of consciousness which has been linked to the instigation of spiritual experiences.

Rebirthing Breathwork

Rebirthing breathwork is an ancient Kriya yoga technique to cleanse the energetic system of trapped trauma and emotions. The technique - rediscovered by Leonard Orr - can powerfully reconnect you to the original memory of trauma, through the deviations in the breath.


'The Rebirth has been the most transformational experience I have ever had. I have literally been reborn. This difference this time is that I now have responsibility for myself which feels good but also a bit scary. I have had so many insights and realisations since leaving, and guidance towards where I need to go in this life.'

Next Events

The next events will be:

January 20th-26th 2024 - The Rebirth

£888/£1234 single/twin (7 days)

March 15-24 2024 - Deep Darkness

£1111/£1545 single/twin (10 days)

October 5-11 2024 - Deep Darkness

£888/£1234 single/twin (7 days)