About The Rebirth

About The Rebirth

The Rebirth is a deep journey into the womb of Darkness using an ancient Kriya yoga breathing technique to cleanse the energetic system of trapped trauma and emotions. You can find out more about this breathwork - Rebirthing - here.

The retreat is done ceremonially - which means it is done intentionally and non-socially. We start by sharing and declaring our clear intention as we slowly immerse ourselves into the Darkness blowing one candle out at a time. We use meditation to acclimatise and relax, and to meet ourselves in pure essence.

As we enter the Darkness and as the last candle is blown out - all the fears melt away. The 130 hours are spent without even a single speck of light reaching our eyes or bodies. This Darkness immersion is done without masks to maximise the comfort and effectiveness.

The deeper into the 130 hours of Darkness we go, the deeper into ourselves we venture, stripping off layers of energetic baggage each time we venture into the breath.

This retreat offers an intensive way to absorb the breathing technique so that it’s possible to experience water rebirthing – an advanced technique designed to mimic the womb so that we can release ourselves from the psychological and emotional wounding caused by our birth. For some, this is the deepest trauma of all.

The further we travel on our human timeline towards our conception, the deeper rooted in our subconscious the energy of the experiences are, and the greater the impact of those experiences have upon us. This provides a unique opportunity to go deep into the root of the traumas from this lifetime.

Only a few people have ever had the opportunity to experience water rebirthing after three and a half days of Darkness. Water rebirthing is enhanced by the Darkness because it mimics more closely the womb. The brain chemistry changes in myriad ways as a result of Darkness. One of the things that begins to happen after three days or so is that there is a much greater presence of dimethyltryptamine (DMT) in the brain. DMT is also released in large amounts at birth (and death), so the birth memory is triggered more deeply. DMT causes an altered state, which can sometimes be hallucinogenic, and stimulates the pineal gland and all of the extrasensory facilities related to it. DMT plays a part in creating neural pathways which assists in facilitating a significant alteration in the subconscious energies, and hence the way we experience life. Breathwork itself has also been shown to release DMT in the brain.

During the 130 hours we spend together in the womb of Darkness, a natural process of the mind and body occurs in which we open up to the shadow aspects of ourselves which are normally concealed by the sensory stimulation of daily life. We assist and enhance these natural processes with other group activities drawing upon the ancient wisdom of several Darkness traditions from around the world that use the sacred Darkness for self-discovery.

During the last two days of the retreat, water rebirthing is done individually, allowing extra time to go deeper back along our energetic timeline, and deeper into the silence and stillness of our awakened, rested, connected essence.

On the final day we emerge in the same way we immersed - ceremonially prepared for a re-emergence back into the light, feeling rested, focused and inspired. We stay together a while to integrate and share.

Aftercare and integration are included without condition or time-limit as standard in all Sacred Tree offerings.