Sacred Tree Kambo Ceremonies

Sacred Tree ceremonies are designed to optimise the experience and effects of Kambô. Each person is consulted before the session and the amount and location is chosen together to suit the intention and individual energetic makeup of that person. We use Chinese energetic wisdom and analysis including observations, tongue and pulse diagnosis, and questioning.

The ceremony begins once the consultations have finished. We use a modern western presentation of the collective wisdom of several shamanic and indigenous traditions to focus the energy of intention and open up the energetic body to prepare for the application. The opening ceremony includes smudging, meditation and (optionally) another indigenous medicina called sananga.

We end the ceremony by enhancing the beneficial effects of Kambô with medicinal teas, and after we have said the closing prayers we eat hearty soup together to allow time to socialise, rest, and talk about integration.

What to expect

The whole ceremony takes approximately four to five hours. The most ‘intense’ part generally lasts anywhere from 10-30 minutes and the medicine is normally on the body for between 15 to 40 minutes, though sometimes it can be longer.

To apply Kambô, it is necessary to take off the outer (epidermal) layer of the skin. This is done with very small burn ‘points’, which are about the size of a match head. 

Once the Kambô is applied, you’ll begin to feel nausea as the body begins moving stored toxic energy. The medicine is kept on until you purge; this can occur as both vomiting and bowel evacuation. The only one that is certain is vomiting.

Since the Kambô secretion doesn’t enter the body, the body recovers quickly after the points have been removed, and most people feel refreshed within an hour.

For the next few days following the session, most people feel stronger, more energetic, centred, and balanced. Though in some cases, extra rest may be needed while the body recalibrates.

We recommend taking the next day off if possible to give yourself space to relax. If this is a concern for you, please let us know in advance as we are often able to tell how people will be affected by the answers to their health questionnaires.


Due to the level of vulnerability our participants experience, we don't allow spectators in our circles. This includes friends coming to support an individual through their process. We always have plenty of hands available to support the people who come to circle.

We ask that people stay in the space the entire time until the closing prayers have been said.