Triple Kambô

Why Triple Kambô?

The tradition of doing three Kambô sessions within a moon cycle (approximately 28 days) originates from the Caboclos – Those of mixed descent from Amazonian tribes and westerners or rubber tappers. It has long been known that the use of Kambô multiple times in quick succession can amplify and lengthen the benefits of working with this Kambô.

The technique of receiving Kambô three times allows westerners to be able to go as deep as the Katukina and other tribes safely. In some tribes up to 100 points or more may be taken at once. This amount of Kambô is not possible for almost all non-native folk, due to the differences in the social and physical toxicity we experience in the west, and the differences in our energetic shell we create to protect ourselves in our dense social environments.

The Caboclos adapt the intervals and amount according to the development of the receiver with Kambô, with the dosage increasing incrementally over the three ceremonies. (e.g. 5,7,9 points). The more experienced and developed the receiver, the closer together the ceremonies become with the maximum time between ceremonies being 28 days.

 If it takes more than 28 days between one session and another, the Kambô will have to work through the sealed energetic skin again.

Triple Kambô with Sacred Tree

Sacred Tree holds several Kambô sessions per month most months. If you wish to do three sessions within the 28 days with us, we offer a discount for three sessions together. The closer together the sessions, the more intense the experience will be and the deeper the effect will be for you.

It is also possible to do the three sessions consecutively in the same ceremony. We call this the Warrior Intensive because it’s the most intensive way we offer to receive Kambô. This method is not for the faint hearted or for first-timers. It takes a certain amount of intentionality to see all three through for most people.

When we do do the Warrior Intensive triple Kambô, the whole ceremony is approximately 6-8 hours long. During this time you will receive Kambô three times in succession – one after the other. Generally new points are burned in the skin each time depending on how quickly you find equilibrium after each application, and the amount you receive each time increases to compensate for a temporary ‘tolerance’ to the secretion.

The new session begins as each individual recovers from the previous - this is done at the speed of the individual, not the speed of the group, and so the time it takes for each person can vary considerably. You may want to bring additional bedding for this circle so you can be comfortable for extended periods in the rest phase afterwards. This intensive treatment is much more likely to make you tired than a single session. It can be demanding on the body and require rest.

As circumstances allow there may also be a sound journey afterwards with gongs.

We recommend taking the next day or even two off if possible, to give yourself space to relax. Most people really want to rest on the evening of the session - and we would strongly recommend not making any plans for the rest of the day at least.

At the moment Warrior Intensive Triple Kambô is only happening in London at Aho! Studios in Hackney.