Sacred Tree Practitioners

Sacred Tree Ceremonies

Sacred Tree Kambô ceremonies are run with reverence for this sacred tradition, the utmost attention to detail, and with impeccable safety policies without compromising the depth of experience.

Each person who attends is engaged individually to ensure they optimise their benefit. The ceremonies are adapted to encompass Western sensitivities and sensibilities without deviating from the underlying principles taught by the tribes.

The normal single sessions with Sacred Tree last about 5 hours, of which about 3 hours are in ceremony. Before the ceremony we spend time getting to know you to individualise the location and amount of the secretion given to you. During the ceremony we include elements to help to open you up to Kambô at the beginning, and to help to sooth and strengthen you at the end. Afterwards we eat hearty soup together to give a little time for integration, and to help the body come back into balance before you leave.

Kambô ceremonies at your residence or venue of choice

It is possible to have a ceremony at your residence or venue of choice. One Kambo practitioner may be able to offer Kambo to up to three people if the conditions are right but not more without assistance.

Here are some of the guidelines to check if your place is suitable:

Minimum requirements

The venue must be private so that the participant and practitioner won't be disturbed during the ceremony. This includes any other person - housemates, partners, children and pets. This also means private and exclusive access to the toilet throughout the ceremony.

There needs to be enough space for an altar, the Kambo equipment, the practitioner to sit and move, the client to sit and lie down, and movement space so that the passageway to and from the toilet is clear.

Preferable requirements

It is better if access to the toilet is on the same floor as the ceremony space.

We eat soup after each session, so cooking facilities are needed. It may be that a portable kitchen may be possible as long as there is space and it is safe.

We require use of a kettle to heat water for tea and for the water drunk during the session.

It is ideal for the practitioner if you can prepare the post-ceremony soup in advance. We will give details of the guidelines for this upon booking.