About Sacred Tree

About Sacred Tree

Our energetic wounds leave energetic scars. These scars exist on multiple levels - personal, ancestral and cultural - as well as physically, socially, emotionally and spiritually. 

These scars disturb natural and healthy flow in our lives, the symptoms of which can manifest as physical illness, emotional turmoil, spiritual malnourishment or social disconnection. 

Sacred Tree offers help to understand the burdens and blessings of our scars, and the tools to heal them. Using a variety of shamanic and energetic tools individually, in groups or at longer retreats we go to the root and clear the blockages. 

When we are liberated from the shackles of our past we can move into abundant living. With our energetic channels clear and open the energy moves freely into physical vitality, emotional stability, spiritual peace and creative manifestation. 

Other people will follow your light inevitably when they are magnetically drawn to clean and clear energy. For some, the abundance pours into their personal and professional lives. And for others, service calls. Sacred Tree can assist those who wish to serve on this path.

Sacred Tree has developed to bring together all the different strands that Greg uses to bring healing to the roots of the problem. While people can feel huge shifts from individual sessions, achieving long-term transformation can require additional shifts in understanding, habit patterns, internal dialogue - and sometimes additional similar or supporting work. Sacred Tree represents the whole system of tools that Greg uses to support these shifts.

The main branches of the tree are Kambô, Darkness retreats, Shamanic retreats and Shamanic trainings. These provide an environment in which we can work in a bespoke, individual way - since we are all unique and have our own needs for healing.

Supporting practices include: Rebirthing breathwork, Shadow Stalking, Chinese medicine, Barbara Ann Brennan energy healing, shamanic healing, movement medicines and nutrition.