How we work

How We Work

We believe that energetic blockage is at the root of all physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual illness, and in this way have witnessed the power of energy healing to help all illnesses.

In some medical practices - it can often feel like we are helpless, and at the mercy of the mechanics of the material biological functions of the body. We believe that there is always something you can do, and often we have seen the symptoms of a disease which has been labelled as incurable by one practitioner just fading away once the energetic blockage has been understood and removed.

Our aim is to empower you to get to know and manage your own energetics so that you can go to the root and deal with it there, as opposed to just battling the symptoms on the surface. We believe in building strength throughout all of your bodies - the physical and the energetic - by clearing out the debris and providing what is needed for vibrant health.

The journey begins by getting to know you - your past and your present, and how you would like your future to be different. When we are familiar with you and your needs, we collaborate with you to choose a path that calls to you - such as Kambô, or Darkness. This is the container in which we will work.

In our experience over years and years of offering healing services, we have seen significant improvements in many people. Below are some of the illnesses that then reported significant improvements after energetic healing:

It is important that we recognise that these illnesses below are the western names for collections of symptoms and observations. I use these labels as it is these in which most people in our society are accustomed to. They’re here as a guide. In both Chinese medicine, shamanic, energetic and other languages of health and healing, and throughout all of the energetic work done by Sacred Tree, these conditions will invariably have different names, different diagnoses, and different ways of bringing back balance to the systems of the body.

Physical - Migraines, headaches, skin conditions such as psoriasis/ eczema, allergies, aches and pains, chronic pain, inflammation, IBS, Lyme, infections, weak immune system, chronic fatigue, MS, ME, cancer, high blood pressure, low blood pressure, hypertension, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, infertility, detoxification, fever, immunological weakness, HIV, vascular problems, hepatitis, diabetes, rheumatism, arthritis, night terrors, reduced milk production, recurring nightmares.

Emotional/Psychological - Depression, stress, anxiety, addiction, apathy, insomnia, brain fog, memory function, resetting the circadian rhythm, trapped emotional trauma, psychosomatic illness, phobia, self-esteem, body dysmorphia, social awkwardness, negative world-view, uncontrolled rage, recurring life-cycles.

Spiritual - Finding your life purpose, clearing the old ways to allow in the new, opening up connection, creative inspiration, self-awareness, lucid dreaming, internal alchemy, imaginal expansion, emotional awareness and sensitivity.

Since energy blockage is involved in all degenerative illness - almost all degenerative illnesses can be worked with. If you have an issue which isn't on this list, it's always worth checking in to see what we believe we may be able to do to help.