One-to-one Healing Sessions

The Journey

The tools we use have different purposes within the healing journey. The healing journey looks like this:


Connecting to intentionality

 Identifying the blockage

 Uncovering the blockage

Investigating the nature and roots of the blockage

Healing the blockage

Clearing residual energy

Re-establishing healthy energetic foundations

Integrating the transformations

Maintaining the integration


To achieve this we use a shamanic medium (eg Kambô) in ceremonial context to create the right environment for the work.

Once the energetic blockage, imbalance or misalignment has been assessed we use a combination of appropriate tools to expose, shift and re-balance the energetics. The tools we work with are Kambô, Darkness, plant medicines and herbalism, shamanic healing, energy healing, sound healing, Chinese medicine and energetics, nutrition, breathwork, and shadow work.

Booking and payment

One-to-one sessions vary in price according to your needs, and other variables such as the venue and travelling distance. Generally prices start from around £200 per session. To express interest, please get in touch via the form below.