Wellness Coaching

Getting to know yourself

Finding your Soul Purpose

Forging the habit of intentionality

Identifying and disabling dissonant paralysis

Creating an assonant value system

Identifying resolution loops

Creating healthy feedback loops

Creating dynamic habits

Living in intention and integrity

The Journey

Each journey is different and individuated to meet your understanding of wellness, with the aim of creating a synergistic harmony between your physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual well-being.

Sessions happen on Zoom, which is an online video call portal. Other portals can be used if you prefer.

Effective coaching requires a feedback loop. I recommend entering into a series of 8 one hour sessions. One hour is how long a typical journey can take, although this may vary depending on the intention for the session.

Coaching sessions range in price according to your needs. Generally prices start from around £100 per session, with a series of 8 sessions reduced to £600, and additional sessions at £75 each. To express interest, please get in touch via the form below.