Shamanic Energy Healing

Sacred Tree creates sacred ceremonial space in which you can connect to the roots of your wounds and heal them. Whatever the difficulty manifesting in your life, the energetic roots are accessible with the shamanic and energy healing tools we use to stimulate the body's natural healing processes.

Ceremony itself brings the heavy energy to the surface to be released using combinations of techniques learned from years of healing practice.


Kambô is a traditional shamanic medicine taken from an Amazonian tree frog.

Kambô sessions range from 1 to 10 participants and range from bespoke individual services, group sessions, intensive sessions, longer retreats, and in-depth practitioner courses. Depending on what works best for you, and how deep you are ready to go, you can access the same full-spectrum healing in many ways.


Darkness retreats are held in pitch black without any light at all for several days. The Darkness and the breath shift our perceptions so we can examine our inner terrain more clearly and transcend our limitations.

Specialised Services

Sacred Tree Healing services can be accessed in a variety of different ways to go deeper, and tackle more persistent challenges. We also offer a path for those who aspire to help others.


We’re grateful to be a platform for creators of beautiful shamanic tools - and to be able to sell their items in our shop.

In our sessions we aim to use the best tools we can find - everything we provide access to here is responsibly sourced and chosen for their high quality. The individuals who made them are rewarded fairly.