Wellness Coaching

Wellness coaching is about empowering you into your full potential. This service is done mostly by remote communication, although it can involve face-to-face interactions. Together we work to align the energetics of your physical, psychological, emotional, social and spiritual selves with your soul purpose to create fulfilment and wellbeing.

One-to-one Healing Sessions

One-to-one healing sessions are face-to-face personalised healing sessions - which can be a supplement to general well-being, or to focus on specific health goals. If your health challenges are too complex to be addressed in a group session - we may recommend this option.

The Shadow of the Shaman Space Holding Academy

The Shadow of the Shaman Space Holding Academy is nine week-long modules, 3 months apart, over 2 years. It's for people who are familiar with the work of Sacred Tree, and wish to go deep into a life-transformational path of self-healing. We use shadow techniques whilst learning energy healing and shamanic healing techniques, and learning how to create and hold a safe ceremonial space. The next course begins in 2024, with foundation modules in October and maybe November 2023.


"It’s hard to sum up into words the experience and the positive outcomes that continue to unfold since enrolling on the Energy & Shamanic Healing Course in May 2019… and we’re only on the 2nd of 8 modules! I am overwhelmed with gratitude for all the knowledge, wizardry and loving support that Greg provides. Liz and Wayne (whose retreat is growing into more perfection in a place of great peace and safety) have blessed us with amazing hospitality. I’ve felt nothing but at home. The shadow work has been deeply nourishing, the sound healing has taught me how to sing (something that had been VERY far removed from my life) but the most astonishing, joyous and privileged part of the course that allows all the above to stay inside whilst I type this in my bedroom in London, is the knowing that I am a part of a family of incredible friends, with relationship that I’ve never before experienced such beautiful depth and connection. I feel very blessed indeed. Aho x"



"The Shamanic space holding and healing course has been the most powerful tool for personal development I have ever encountered. The space is held perfectly, allowing everyone to dive deep into their shadow and mine for the gold that lurks there. Going through this process as a group and being able to witness the growth in each and every participant is such an honour. I have already created relationships that are having a profound, deeply positive impact on my life and that I believe will be with me for many many years to come. The tools I am learning are empowering me to go out into the world with a new sense of purpose and help people wherever I can. I will forever be grateful for everything this course has shown me and the gifts I have been offered."